September 02, 2015

Filling Your New Cremation Jewelry

We receive many questions regarding how to fill cremation jewelry. When you first receive your cremation jewelry you will want to unbox the contents. Our jewelry arrives in your mailbox with everything you will need to fill your jewelry piece. If you happen to have purchased your jewelry elsewhere you will want to find a cotton swab, piece of paper (to make a funnel), and a tube of super glue. Before we start we would like to note that you might want to take your cremation jewelry into your crematory to see if they may be able to fill it for you. Keep in mind when handling cremated remains to always do so with dignity and respect.

Cremation Jewelry Fill Kit

First, begin by laying the items listed above out on your work surface along with your loved ones cremains. You may want to lay down a piece of paper to work on in case you accidentally spill some of the cremated remains. Next, we will want to open the cremated remains. Most crematories send cremated remains in a plastic bag inside of either the urn you purchased or a temporary plastic urn and box if you are purchasing your urn elsewhere. At Willow Creek Urns we offer a wide array of cremation urn designs and sizes and materials with affordable prices.

The plastic bag is typically sealed with a zip tie and a metal tag. This tag is simply an identification number for the crematory. We suggest leaving the bag inside of the urn during this process. With a pair of scissors cut the plastic zip tie and open the plastic bag, but do not remove any cremated remains just yet. Now open your cremation jewelry and lay it on your work surface, most jewelry pieces open from the top or a plug on the back or side. Once you are ready, retrieve a small amount of cremated remains. You may do this with either the pipette included in our kit or your fingers. If you have made a small funnel using a piece of paper insert it into the opening of your cremation jewelry and pour your cremains into the funnel. If you have not made a funnel you can attempt to fill directly into the open chamber of the jewelry piece. Once you have filled the chamber of the jewelry retrieve the cotton swab from your work surface. Insert the tip of the cotton swab into the threaded opening of your jewelry piece and gently turn the cotton swab. This will clean out the threads to ensure the top or plug will correctly screw back in.

Sealing Cremation Jewelry

Now that you have your cremation jewelry filled and the threading cleaned out it is time to re-secure the top or plug. Start by retrieving the tube of super glue from your work surface. Apply a small amount to the threads of the top or plug of the cremation jewelry piece; quickly screw this piece back into the jewelry pieces chamber. If this is the top of the piece ensure that the necklace loop is aligned in the necessary position to allow the pendant to hang on the necklace properly. If you used a generous with he superglue make sure to wipe off any excess glue before it dries.

Closing Cremation Jewelry

Congratulations you have finished filling your new cremation jewelry! It is now time to clean up. If you have spilled any of the cremated remains during the filling process return them to the bag in the urn. If you would like to reseal the plastic bag you will need another zip tie. Once you have resealed the bag reseal the top of the urn and you are done.

If you have any questions about this process please contact us at we will be happy to help!